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Satisfaction Guaranteed! If we do not help you solve your problems, receive an immediate refund!  

We are professionally trained Psychologists, each with over 20 years of clinical experience and counseling and available by phone since 1996.

Our Psychologists are trained in marriage counseling, relationships, depression, help finding a marital partner & more. Male & Female Psychologists available. Our staff have been carefully chosen not only for experience but because their unmatched abilities in being able to help you fast.

Rational Emotive Therapy is offered by a number of our Psychologists.

Call Toll-Free 888-338-5500 to start you FREE screening interview.

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Confidential and 100% Private

Convenient Telephone Counseling by from the privacy of your office, car or home.

Easy Telephone counseling is paid through your credit card. No charges appear on your phone bill.

Available By Phone or SKYPE® counseling is available 7 Days a week 8AM to 11PM EST.

You will receive a FREE 5 minute screening to make sure that our services will be beneficial to you. After your FREE screening our services are just $2.95 per minute.

Call Toll-Free 888-338-5500

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Our Telephone Counseling can help you with

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How Phone & SKYPE® Counseling Works


Call us Toll-Free at 888-338-5500 and listen to a brief message that explains our services.


You will be matched with an experienced Clinical Psychologist. He or she will provide you with a FREE interview that is designed to make certain that phone counseling is right for you. This essential step is very useful so you can be sure that you're getting helped in a way that is good for you.


With your approval your session will begin. Our service fees after your FREE 5 minute screening are just $2.95 per minute via credit card.






Brief Counseling Overview

Get effective online phone counseling and therapy today from certified psychologists. Call Toll Free for anxiety help, phobias, stress management, sex advice, top notch relationship advice, marriage counseling, depression, divorce advice, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, alcoholism help, relationships, and sports counseling or sports psychology by phone.

We Are Confidential: Telephone Counseling from the privacy of your office, car or home.

Easy: Telephone Counseling is paid through your credit card. No telephone charges appear on your monthly bill. TriCare Northeast patients can use their insurance for their normal reimbursement rate.

Hours Telephone and Online Counseling is available to you 7 days a week from 8 AM. - 11 PM. EST.

Convenient: When you use telephone counseling, there is no office to drive to. It saves time.

Expert Help: All of our psychologists are exceptionally well trained with many years experience in psychotherapy.

Specialists: We have experience in treating many different problems. We are especially well-trained  in marriage counseling, depression, giving advice about relationships and how to find a permanent marital partner.

Experienced: We have been offering phone counseling since 1996 and our psychologists have been doing psychotherapy for many years. Rational Emotive Therapy is offered by a number of our psychologists.



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